Joe Massey Benefit Concert


The Massey Family and many friends and family members suffered a great loss when Joe Massey passed away on February 17, 2010. Joe was full of life and love. A concert will be held in his honor and all proceeds will go directly to his family. Peter Breinholt, Jon Schmidt, Alex Boye, the group Providence, Tricia Swanson, Nancy Hanson and cellist, Steve Nelson will be performing. It will be a wonderful, uplifting evening. Please join us and invite all of your friends!


Follow Up...


This is the final design for the company holiday card I was commissioned. It came out very nice and the client was happy.




I waited until the "new" year to post this. It was painted to be a Christmas present so to post it anytime before that could have ruined a surprise. A nice piece that got me back into some traditional painting.