Billy Bean !

His name is Billy Bean. Just a happy go lucky kind of bean. Always trying to stay positive and likes to have positive energy around. So, if you are cloudy and dark you may just get blown off.

He does have a dream. It is to be as sweet as a jelly bean. Then he would be admired and adored. Not loathed and found bitter and stale. So, he searches for the chance to become a sweet bean.

Billy Bean is strolling along when a shiny sugar crumb catches his eye. He stops in amazement to see such a rare crumb. He investigates the tasty morsel to identify its authenticity. Confirming his findings he quickly glances around to see if anyone has witnessed his finding this sweet sugar crumb. Because of the sugar crumbs rare nature it has a high value among those who desire the glucose rich mineral. Finding that the area is secure from others who might have the crumb, Billy devours the crumb and a bit of the ground that it sat upon. What a sweet treat to make for a great day.